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The Guitarcaster Podcast is made up of the culture of guitar and why you love the gear that you do. It serves as a living compilation for the guitar gear enthusiast by researching and exploring landmarks making up today's guitar world.

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    Episode 31- Idiot Box Effects

    Owner of Idiot Box Effects joins Juan, Jake, and Trevor for an episode dedicated to Matt’s company.

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    Episode 30- Nick Sadler

    Trevor, Juan, and Jake get to know Nick Sadler, guitarist for the band Daughters.

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    Episode 29- Show & Tell

    Trevor, Juan, Cool Josh, and Jake, all bring in some of their favorite pieces of gear to share.

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    Episode 28- Tape Delay

    Tape Delay is discussed to its entirety this episode with Cool Josh, Captain Jake, In House Mad Scientist DS-Juan, and host, Trevor Smith.

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    Episode 26- BOSS CE-1

    Juan fixed two different Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensembles in the same week and asked Trevor to bring up his for a shoot out.

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    Episode 25- NAMM Recap

    Guitarcaster covers the Guitarcaster coverage of Summer NAMM 2018.

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