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The Guitarcaster Podcast is made up of the culture of guitar and why you love the gear that you do. It serves as a living compilation for the guitar gear enthusiast by researching and exploring landmarks making up today's guitar world.

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    Episode 30- Nick Sadler

    Trevor, Juan, and Jake get to know Nick Sadler, guitarist for the band Daughters.

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    Episode 29- Show & Tell

    Trevor, Juan, Cool Josh, and Jake, all bring in some of their favorite pieces of gear to share.

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    Episode 28- Tape Delay

    Tape Delay is discussed to its entirety this episode with Cool Josh, Captain Jake, In House Mad Scientist DS-Juan, and host, Trevor Smith.

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    Episode 26- BOSS CE-1

    Juan fixed two different Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensembles in the same week and asked Trevor to bring up his for a shoot out.

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    Episode 25- NAMM Recap

    Guitarcaster covers the Guitarcaster coverage of Summer NAMM 2018.

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    Episode 24- Steamboat Amps

    Technical issues and scheduling conflicts threw a monkey wrench in the scheduled Guitarcaster topic, so Trevor and Juan decided toon a long form interview with Jake about how he started his company Steamboat Amps.

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    Episode 23.5- JHS Bonsai

    As promised, Guitarcaster is bringing you a bonus mini-episode that is bound to get you stoked about the latest pedal to drop from JHS Pedals. That pedal being the Tube Screamer recreation pedal named The Bonsai.

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    Episode 23- JHS Pedals

    In celebration of the JHS Bonsai release, the Guitarcaster boys are covering the flagship lineup of pedals coming from this behemoth of a boutique effect company.

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    Episode 22- The Guitars of David Bowie pt.2

    Rounding out a saga dedicated to Jareth, Ziggy, and that doomed spaceman Major Tom, Guitarcaster covers the remaining guitars played by David Bowie leftover from last episode in addition to the various guitarists throughout his career. . Be sure to listen to pt.1 if you haven’t already!

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